Rotary Instrumentation

Dr. Thiessen utilizes the most advanced generation of nickel-titanium endodontic instruments. These latest-generation nickel-titanium files have greater elastic flexibility and superior resistance to torsional fracture compared to earlier generations of these instruments. These qualities give the advance nickel-titanium files greater ability to negotiate curved canals permitting more effective cleaning and shaping of the root canal system. Innovative gear reduction engine-driven (electric) systems have been developed for use with these advanced files. The engine-driven rotary action centers the nickel-titanium files, maintaining the original path of the canal. The nickel-titanium files are designed with a unique geometry specifically intended to minimize stress on the file, permitting safer and more efficient cleaning and shaping of the root canal system. Dr. Thiessen possess intimate knowledge of the special properties associated with these advanced file systems and the clinical techniques associated with achieving optimal results during their utilization.